Cardinal Kasper Caught Lying,

Cardinal Walter Kasper gave an interview the other day, in which he made comments that are degrading to African prelates, and African people as a whole.

Following the outrage that followed Cardinal Kasper’s remarks, he lied and said the interview never happened.  However, the interview had been recorded, and it was easily proven that he was not telling the truth.  The recording is HERE.

THIS ARTICLE at First Things discusses the whole episode, and gives some background for context as well.  From the article.

In an interview published yesterday, Cardinal Walter Kasper—the leading voice calling for liberalizing Catholic practice at the Church’s current synod—described African attitudes toward homosexuality as a “taboo” and said that Africans “should not tell us too much what we have to do.”

An immediate controversy erupted, and for good reason. One need not think that Africa is uniformly exemplary in its handling of these matters (it isn’t, as Uganda’s wicked proposal for the execution of homosexuals demonstrates) to recognize the condescension in Kasper’s remarks. To write off the presumably various and complicated views of an entire continent as mere “taboo” is impressively dismissive.

I criticized the remarks, for which I received some criticism in turn. There was the usual churchy handwringing about the awfulness of politics that is used to deflect any ecclesial criticism: Brother, what an awful thing it is to say someone else said something awful! Here, lower your eyes, close your mouth, and join me in prayer. I make light of what is surely a legitimate instinct because it’s so often exploited for nakedly partisan ends.

Please read the rest over there.

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