The Remnant Forum – The Pope’s Synod

Another view of the Synod on the Family, this one from Remnant Newspaper.

This one is hard-hitting. Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara do not shy away from criticizing Pope Francis.

There are different views on this, with Michael Voris never criticizing the pope, and Matt and Ferrara not holding back.

My view on this – the Holy Father is not a god.  He is the Vicar of Christ, and deserves our respect.  But he is human, like us.  We need to pray for him, in our daily rosaries and other prayers.  Pope Francis struggles like the rest of us with weaknesses, with temptations.

Pray for the Holy Father, that the Holy Ghost gives him wisdom to lead the Church well.

We must be respectful. But we also must be sure that, if something strange happens on the Holy Father’s watch, we do have a duty to lead our families in Truth, regardless of who states the error.

If something sounds wrong, we are not alone.  We have 2,000 years of Church Tradition (capital ‘T’) to turn to.  If something has always been taught to be wrong in Tradition, then it remains wrong.  No one can turn good into evil, or evil into good.

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1 Response to The Remnant Forum – The Pope’s Synod

  1. Leslie Joy says:

    Hate to remind everyone but it was only in 2013 when I saw the PBS documentary Vatican Exposed. I do not hate the Catholic Church. I am a Catholic. We just be honest. Remember the person invited to a gay party where Vatican higher ups are prancing around on Saturday night and Sunday put on the priestly garb and say mass. From what I’ve found out is that about 70% of our clergy is homosexual. That is why they accept celibacy from women. Pope Francis is facing facts. I do believe the gift he speaks of is as clergy.
    I’m not on his side. I’m just looking at it. He was saddled with a lot of dirt to clean up. The blatantly scandalous behavior captured on film came out the month before Pope Benedict XVI left.

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