Let’s Just Say… an SSPX response to Voris’ question

No, the Society of Saint Pius X did not respond directly to Mr. Voris or Church Militant TV (I’m not sure they know about him).  But a video of Bishop Richard Williamson from a conference in 1996 (when he was still a member of the Society of Saint Pius X) actually answers the question, and he approaches it from a different perspective.  He also tackles the question of divorce in this video, which is part of what the current battle in the Catholic faith is about, including at the recently concluded (first half) of the Synod on the Family.

First, Michael Voris’ question:

Let’s just say:

1. that the pope is a bad pope, and is opposed to the traditions of the Church
2. that there is a cabal of wicked and evil bishops and cardinals in cahoots with him to overthrow the Church
3. that there are many other cardinals and bishops who through a willful ignorance and cowardice and naiveté are going along with this because they actually believe it is better to accommodate the world than to fight the evil in it
4. most dioceses in the world have succumbed to one degree or another to the evil and most of them are unfaithful in varying degrees
5. that most Catholics no longer believe the Catholic faith which must be believed totally
6. that most leaders in the Church including the pope are no longer Catholic in any meaningful manner and want wholesale changes that touch on the very heart of the faith

What should be the proper response of a faithful Catholic to such a nightmare scenario?

See my post on Voris’ video HERE.

Following is Bishop Williamson’s response, 18 years before Michael Voris asked the question.  This is one of the videos Michael Sestak put together, so it is intermixed with imagery and music.

The conference that this video came from is for sale on the Saint Marcel Initiative website –   HERE.  It is sold in four parts, and is called “A Catholic View of Liberty”.

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2 Responses to Let’s Just Say… an SSPX response to Voris’ question

  1. Mary Manello says:

    Michael, you are wildly talented! Is there a way to exchange a few words with you? I find your YouTube videos divinely inspired! I just wanted to note a correction, if I may, in your phenomenal video “Meditation of the Mass” that intersperses video of Mel Gibson’s The Passion. My email address is mmanello@me.com or message me on Facebook: Mary Morello Manello.
    Many thanks!

    • Hi Mary, I have posted several videos related to Michael Voris, and Church Militant TV in the past. But this blog is not related to his work in any way. He has a very active blog over at ChurchMilitant.com. You might be able to respond to him over there.

      God bless,
      Average Catholic

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