Glory.TV: Bishop Fellay – They are about to … open the doors to hell.

THIS is a very informative Gloria TV News. (Sorry, I don’t know how to embed from this website).

There are several stories, including the forbidding of Cardinal Raymond Burke of saying Mass in a Vienna parish church, an October 28 speech by Archbishop Bruno Forte, and… the words of Bishop Bernard Fellay, of the Society of Saint Pius X, about the results of refusing the truth of homosexuality, that many bishops and cardinals are proposing:

One does certainly not help them by telling them that there is an open door where, in reality, there is none. The door they are about to open is a door leading to hell.” And: “These prelates have received the power of the keys, that is to say, to open the doors to heaven, but they are about to close them and to open the doors to hell.”

There are many sins that can and do lead people to hell, many of them sins of the flesh.  It is an act of charity to warn people when they are on that path!  If only more churchmen would speak so clearly.

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