Remnant Newspaper – Are We Haters?

Is it hateful to stand up for God’s law in the realm of sexuality?  THIS post from the Remnant Newspaper, written by Michael Matt, tackles the question.  The question, in this context, deals with homosexuality, and is a response to a comment on the Remnant Facebook page.

Here is a sample of Michael Matt’s response:

Now, you don’t have to agree with our Church’s moral theology to understand that it can’t possibly be right to withhold the truth about what the Church teaches, merely to make someone feel free to live as they want. As practicing Catholics we all accept the rules, which include a demanding moral theology that may well conflict with our given “lifestyles”. My Church insists that I cannot commit adultery, for example, that I cannot commit self-abuse, that I cannot lie and steal—in short, that I cannot do whatever I want to do simply because I “gotta be me”. Like everyone else, I was born with inclinations that are curbed severely by the Church’s moral law, but that does not change the fact that in her prohibitions of acts towards which I am inclined, holy Mother Church acts out of love for me, just as parents act out of love for their children when they teach them right from wrong.

One more example: Does the police officer manifest hatred for me when he arrests me for walking down the middle of a busy road? No, in fact he’s attempting to save my life. And even if I know for certain that I’m so fleet of foot as to avoid being struck by one of those passing cars, I still could not jump to the outrageous conclusion that the cop trying to enforce traffic/pedestrian laws harbors hatred for me in his heart.

Similarly, I don’t resent my Church for telling me that there is a God, that there are Ten Commandments, that Natural Law reveals the existence of a Divine Lawgiver, and that I must follow a moral code if ever I expect to save my soul. You don’t believe in all that? Fine, but that’s precisely not the point. The Catholic Church teaches this; she exists not to green-light all of my inclinations but rather to tell me what she has told my fathers and mothers all the way back to the time of Christ—“This is what you must do to save your soul.” That’s her job, if you will. That is her reason to exist, not to make me feel good about myself but rather to teach me how to do the right thing, even when it is difficult.

Read the rest there 🙂

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1 Response to Remnant Newspaper – Are We Haters?

  1. oarubio says:

    Cardinal Schoenborn said recently that we accept all human beings, but not all human behavior.

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