Vortex – Denied

This Vortex, from December 16, 2014, deals with a young lady, Rachel Madi, who was denied the Holy Eucharist because she wanted to receive it kneeling, at Prince of Peace parish in West Bloomfield, MI, in the archdiocese of Detroit.

Michael Voris talks about the actual teaching on this practice, and how the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops instruction was OVERTURNED by the Vatican, under Pope Benedict XVI, where anyone could receive Communion kneeling.  Specifically, the USCCB issued this norm for Holy Communion 2002:

The norm for reception of Holy Communion in the diocese of the United States is standing.  Communicants should not be denied Holy Communion because they kneel.  Rather, such instances should be addressed pastorally, by providing the faithful with proper catechesis on the reasons for this norm.

The Vatican changed this norm for the United States in 2010 to say:

The norm established for the diocese of the United States of America is that Holy Communion should be received standing, unless an individual member of the faithful wishes to receive Communion while kneeling.

This Vortex brings forth statements and practices from Cardinal Francis Arinze (video), Pope Benedict XVI (he would only give out Communion to those kneeling), Cardinal Raymond Burke (video), and the practice of Pope Francis as well (who continues the practice of Pope Francis).

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