Statistics on the Catholic Church – Catholics, Priests, Educational Institutions, Etc

THIS ARTICLE at Vatican Radio gives the statistics for the number of Catholics, priests, schools, educational institutions, etc, throughout the world.  These statistics are a couple of years old, from December 31, 2012.

Among the numbers:

1,228,621,000 ( > 1.2 billion) Catholics worldwide.  There was an increase of over 15 million.

414,313 priests – Europe and the Americas are losing priests (Europe very quickly, the Americas more slowly), while Africa and Asia are adding them.  There was actually a small increase in the number of priests over 2011.

702,529 women religious – There was a drop of over 10,000 from the previous year.  The number of women religious is dropping quickly.  I know in the United States, women religious are generally very old (with a few younger, traditionally-minded orders), so if that is the trend, worldwide, I’m not surprised.

The article has other other stats as well.

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