The Terrible Price of Communion in the Hand

In this video from Remnant TV, Michael Matt discusses the practice of taking Holy Communion in the hand, and the history behind it.  The practice of Communion in the hand was started as a blatant violation of Church authority, and yet was not suppressed at the time, and now some people don’t even know you can receive on the tongue.

Note that anyone can receive Communion on the tongue (and kneeling!).  It doesn’t matter if you are at a Traditional Latin Mass (it is required at a TLM), or a Novus Ordo.

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2 Responses to The Terrible Price of Communion in the Hand

  1. this was a violation of Eucharistic ministerial practice more than anything else- while I find “in the hand” less reverent, history is rife with instances of people stealing and profaning the Holy Species while receiving on the tongue.

    • Hi John,

      I admit that it is possible to steal a Sacred Host while receiving on the tongue, but I do not believe that it would be so common… to be so careless with them. I read stories about priests who have to lecture people because they find Sacred Hosts tucked into missals, or on the floor. I think it would be a lot less common.

      Also, it used to be considered a sacrilege for anyone except the priest to touch the Sacred Host with their hands. Even the priest had to have certain fingers consecrated, and would only touch our Lord with those fingers.

      Just for a quick example, this is from the book “Listen, Son” (this book is close at hand at the moment) –

      You can easily understand what a difference marriage makes, if you recall what a difference the Sacrament of Holy Orders makes. A priest is a human being just as well as a layman is; yet because the priest has received Holy Orders, it is a holy and sacred thing for him to touch and handle the Sacred Host, while for an unordained person the same act would be a mortal sin and a sacrilege.

      It is no wonder that so few Catholics actually believe in the Real Presence now. People no longer kneel to receive, and now anyone touches the Sacred Host with their hands. We take the sacred gestures out and respectful stances out, and people’s belief naturally follows.

      God Bless,

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