The Francis Effect – Fr. Linus Clovis

In a talk in Rome Father Linus Clovis speaks about the effect that our Holy Father, Pope Francis, is having on the Church.  (note, this is a video… I haven’t figured out how to embed those in a WordPress blog)

This talk pulls together so much of the unease that orthodox Catholics have been having about the public statements that the Holy Father has been making over the two years of his pontificate. This includes the Holy Father’s “Catholics don’t need to be like rabbits” comments, that I, as a father of a large family, found offensive.  Father Clovis mentions a part of that which was stated by the Holy Father – that having three children is enough – which then was deleted from the official transcript.

Father Clovis mentions both Our Lady of Akita, and Our Lady of Fatima.  He also stated what I too believe – that we need to perform the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as called for by Our Lady of Fatima.  A good book on Fatima is The Secret Still Hidden, by Christopher Ferrera.

If you haven’t been following the controversial statements of the Holy Father, this talk might make you feel uncomfortable.

Remember, this is the Holy Father we are talking about.  He is the head of the Church.  He is the Vicar of Christ.  We must love him, and pray for him.  But for mothers and fathers, our top priority is to get our families to heaven, and to pass on the teachings, the traditions, of the Church. I personally am not using the words of Pope Francis when teaching my children the faith.  Rather I am using books like the Baltimore Catechism and Father John Laux books like Mass and the Sacraments, and Catholic Morality.

We must always speak the truth, to our families and to everyone we meet.  And we must oppose falsehood, no matter where it comes from.

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