Homeschooling – God’s Will in Your Life

My wife and I really enjoy teaching our children.  And I think, most of the time, our children enjoy it too.  Though, I think all students get nervous when they hear the word “Saxon” 🙂  

But while we enjoy teaching our children, I fully admit that it is hard work.  Teaching is always hard work, whether you teach in public, private, or home schools.  I think there are a lot of advantages to homeschooling, especially when it comes to individualized attention, tailoring lesson plans, and cultural advantages (ie. not being exposed to the over-sexualized culture, not being exposed to drugs, etc).

I originally posted a link to this a few years ago.  THIS AUDIO is a priest talking about following God’s will.  You may have stubborn children.  “Joey” may be putting peanut butter in “Sally’s” hair, the children may have plugged up the toilet for the 3rd time this week, but that is no reason to become stressed.  God’s gives everything to us to help us grow in holiness.

The priest talks about not trying to impose our will on God, but accepting God’s will in our lives.  About how we can be at peace.  About how we can show God’s love to our children.

God bless, and for all you homeschoolers out there, good luck, and have a joyful and grace-filled school year.

-Average Catholic


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