Traditional Latin Mass Finder – almost ready!

The Traditional Latin Mass Finder, version 2.0, is almost ready to launch.  I am going to be “field testing” it for a couple of weeks on my iPhone 6s (testing on the newest hardware).  It has been rewritten from the ground up using Swift (Apple’s new language) and Storyboards (instead of xibs).

One of the requests I received often or the app is whether it could show Masses which are not regular, but for special occasions, such as for Christmas, or any special event, as well as traditional ordinations, etc.  It now has that ability with a news section, in which I will put that type of information.

Some screenshots are below:

IPhone4 7 List Small  IPhone4 7 MassInfo Small

IPhone4 7 AppInfo Small    IPhone4 7 News Small

Apple also has an approval process, that takes anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.  With the testing I am going to be doing, and the approval process, I hope to have this new version of the Traditional Latin Mass Finder in the store by November 1.

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1 Response to Traditional Latin Mass Finder – almost ready!

  1. God bless you, averagecatholic! This is no average work.

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