Traditional Latin Mass Finder 2.0 – Last Beta (Hopefully!)

The Traditional Latin Mass Finder, version 2.0, should be in the store by early November.  I am on what I hope to be the last Beta (we’ll call it Beta 4).

This Beta’s searches are faster (about 5 seconds), and I have stopped a couple of crash scenarios. It is amazing what evil testers will do to crash an app! 🙂

The Traditional Latin Mass Finder app can be found HERE.

IPhone4 7 List Small  IPhone4 7 MassInfo Small

A special thanks to Justin for helping me find a Swift 2.1 change, which caused a crash!  (and only in release code, not debug code)

For other iOS developers, watch out for a change in Swift 2.1 in sorting.  Specifically –




self.latinMassArray = self.latinMassArray.sort(massSorter)

It will run on dev devices fine, but once you deploy via Test Flight (or, more scary, in production) the old way of doing the sort crashes the app.

More news will come soon.  I am going to use the next few days to try to find any bugs, and if nothing major comes up I will push the app to production (the app store).  There is an approval process that takes anywhere from 2 to 10 days to actually get deployed in the App Store, so it will probably be the first week of November before the updates start downloading on people’s phones.

-Average Catholic

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