iOS Traditional Latin Mass Finder, Version 2.0 in the App Store

The Traditional Latin Mass Finder, version 2.0 is now in the App Store   For more information on the Traditional Latin Mass Finder, visit the webpage  HERE.  Or download it directly from HERE.

The Latin Mass Finder can be used to find the 30 closest Latin Masses to your location. Or you can search different areas, which is very useful if you are traveling.

There is now a news section, to announce events related to the Traditional Latin Mass, such as ordinations by traditional societies, the opening of new churches, etc.

I have Masses listed in the United States, Canada, England and Scotland.  I am planning on expanding that to additional countries, such as Mexico, France, and Germany.  There a ton of Masses out there, so expanding to additional countries, and maintaining the data for the ones I already have, should keep me pretty busy.

So, if you are a traditional Catholic, and have an iPhone or iPad, go check it out!

God bless,

-Average Catholic


IPhone4 7 List Small  IPhone4 7 MassInfo Small

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