St. Mary’s Rosary Procession 2015. Also my thoughts on making a difference in life

I just found this Rosary procession at Saint Mary’s, Kansas.  It happened a few weeks ago, as a call to prayer and sacrifice during the Synod on the Family.

I found it very inspirational.  It has me thinking about people, ordinary people who live their Christian lives, often unnoticed by the world.

While the forces of evil are gathering, trying to change Catholic doctrine to call good evil, and evil good, trying to force the Church to accept and support immorality, there are those out there, and they are many, who love Truth, who will stand with Our Lord and Our Lady.

Shadows have gathered, but so have good people, people who love God and His Church.  Not just princes of the Church, such as Cardinal Raymond Burke or Bishop Athanasius Schneider (God bless them!), but regular people who have a deep and sincere love of God, who use their skills, and their station in life, to make a difference.  And they DO make a difference.

I’ve said before that some of the greatest forces for good are those who just perform their duty, do their job, to the best of their ability, who work honestly, who offer their work to Our Lord.  The mother and father caring for their children.  The husband who goes to work, and gives a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay, be he in construction, an office worker, teaching, or what-have-you, offering his daily crosses out of his love for God.  The housewife, when she cooks or cleans, honoring our Lord and Lady, through her service to her family to the best of her ability.

I see it when people apply their skills in special efforts to bring glory to God.  A friend of mine has has an idea for a smart phone program to advance the Rosary.  There are people like Tracy Tucciarone, who start a website ( to try to make the truths of the faith available to others.  There are new ventures like Magnificat Media, bringing traditional Catholicism in the form of online radio.  There are holy priests who put in tireless hours, caring for multiple churches, and bringing forth the sacraments to their flock.   There are sites that spread Catholic values (like The Solitary Swan), education in the language of the Church (Church Latin), Catholic culture and sermons (Damsel of the Faith, 8 Kids and a Business), and so much more is out there!  (I could go on for a while!)

Some people are incredibly intelligent or incredibly talented, talents beyond what the majority of people have. But I think most people who reflect God’s love are ordinary folk, who just go through life trying their best.  And these people “poke life”, change it, and the changes they make are often not noticed, but they are there.  They make a difference.  And the Church could not survive without them.

-Average Catholic

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