Wear the Veil Day – December 8, 2015

[EDIT: I have removed the video that was linked.  I have received a message that the Latin Mass Society I linked to was not the Latin Mass Society of the UK, but a weird knock-off/counterfeit (I’m not sure what it is).  I double-checked this, and confirmed it on Father Z’s site.  I am sorry for anyone who was offended.]

I have started to get a number of searches related to “Wear the Veil Day”, so I thought I would do a post on it again this year.

Wear the Veil Day is December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  For background on why women where veils in church, Catholic Planet has a page on that, HERE.

From the website:

In obedience to Sacred Scripture, many Catholic women wear some kind of veil or headcovering. Some wear a headcovering only at Mass. Others feel called to wear a headcovering at other times during the day, as well as at Mass. Many non-Catholic Christian women also wear a headcovering.

These women are following the call of the Holy Spirit. Society discourages women from wearing a headcovering and from doing anything else which shows submissiveness and obedience. Yet these women have found the light of truth in the midst of dark times.


The Virgin Mary wore a veil or headcovering because she understood this symbol of the different roles given to men and women. Those women who wear the veil are imitating the Virgin Mary in her humility and submissiveness. Nearly every Catholic Church has a statue or image of Mary wearing a veil.

And, from Fish Eaters:

According to St. Paul, we women veil ourselves as a sign that His glory, not ours, should be the focus at worship, and as a sign of our submission to authority. It is an outward sign of our recognizing headship, both of God and our husbands (or fathers, as the case may be), and a sign of our respecting the presence of the Holy Angels at the Divine Liturgy. In veiling, we reflect the divine invisible order and make it visible. This St. Paul presents clearly as an ordinance, one that is the practice of all the churches.

Many Catholic women still regularly wear chapel veils in church (especially in the Traditional Latin Mass). It is a great way many women show their reverence and love of God.

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2 Responses to Wear the Veil Day – December 8, 2015

  1. S says:

    The video you linked to is made by a neonazi. Look at the symbol, and take it down. The leader of the LMS has been denounced by multiple Church leaders, and has promoted pornography. Do some research.
    Just look at that poor woman…not an example of joy.

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