Rorate Caeli – The First Sunday of Advent: “God alone can be our ideal, our goal”

From Rorate Caeli, thoughts and music as we are entering Advent, and the preparation for the celebration of the birth of our Lord at Christmas.  Check out the link for the full post.  Below is a snippet of what is there.

Ad te, Domine, levavi animam meam:
Deus meus, in te confido; non erubescam.
Neque irrideant me inimici mei : etenim universi qui sustinent te, non confundentur. 
V. Vias tuas, Domine, demonstra mihi: et semitas tuas edoce me.

To Thee, O Lord, have I lifted up my soul:
My God, in Thee I trust: let me not be put to shame.
Nor let my enemies laugh over me: for indeed, all who rely on Thee shall not be confounded.

V. Thy ways, O Lord, show unto me: and teach me Thy paths.
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