WikkiMissa is down

A website that was shown to me by a priest in Nigeria, WikkiMissa, is now down.  It was a site that gave listings to Traditional Latin Masses in dozens of countries.  I am now being faced with the following screen.

WikkiMissa Down

It is a bit disappointing that it is down, as I was hoping to enter a couple of dozen Latin Masses, from France and Germany, into the Traditional Latin Mass Finder database over my vacation.

If anyone has news on why it might be down, and ESPECIALLY if their site has moved elsewhere, please leave a comment.  I still have a week of vacation left, so maybe I can get more Masses from other countries entered.

Or, if you have websites in France or Germany that list Traditional Latin Masses, please let me know that as well.

The TLM Finder app has its own database, maintained by me, so it is unaffected.  Though as the priest who told me about WikkiMissa mentioned, it would be great if WikkiMissa had a mobile app.

God bless,

Average Catholic

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29 Responses to WikkiMissa is down

  1. Sid Cundiff says:

    You can find information in French at http://www.leforumcatholique.org/printFC.php?num=793531 including posts from the elusive Admin Emmauel.

  2. Thank you very much! That link gives the information to what happened. It also gives a backup here -> https://web.archive.org/web/20150708052725/http://honneurs.free.fr/Wikini/wakka.php?wiki=ParRegion

    That backup should give me plenty of material to work with for now. It was suggested by two different people that I tie my app to the data from Wiki Missa, but I think the site going down shows the strength of having different websites and apps using different databases.

    I am now considering upgrading my app to be able to contact my database on different sites, so that if one site goes down (it’s happened), then my app would automatically reroute to the backups.

    Thanks again for the information!

    God bless,

  3. It looks like the admin, Mr. Emmanuel, is in the process of migrating the wiki over to http://wikkimissa.info/.

    In the meantime, it is backed up at the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20151103161533/http://honneurs.free.fr/Wikini/wakka.php?wiki=PagePrincipalEn.

  4. Can anyone here speak French proficiently? Emmanuel Laurencon’s phone number is: +33.899498765

  5. Sid Cundiff says:

    This link suggests that something is underway: http://www.wikkimissa.info/index-20151219.html When the site will be back up in anyone’s guess.

  6. JustWantedToHelp says:


    A friend (a priest) of mine has started this googlemap referencing all St Pie V masses in the world (to help people while wikkimissa is repared, it was supposed to be a temporary solution but he heard rumors saying that the return of wikkimissa could take more than a year – the wikkimissa guy being alone for this difficult task- so he decided to lunch this map):

    As you can see, it is pretty exhaustive for Europe and French Overseas Territories already. Masses are divided in 3 categories: Ecclesia Dei and Summorum Pontificorum, St Pie X, and others.

    If you write to him, he will provide you a excel file on which you can enter the coordinates of places you know, where latin masses are celebrated. Himself and his team will add them to this map.

    In corde Iesu & Mariæ.

    • ProjectSP5 is just Europe, though, isn’t it?

      And why would the return of Wikkimissa need to take so long? Have the people from whom you heard these rumors been in direct contact with Emmanuel Laurencon? I could re-host Wikkimissa in less than a day if I had its database files.

      • JustWantedToHelp says:

        Hi, it is for Europe because the nowadays contributors are mainly from Europe. It’s a bias due to the fact that the website is not really wellknown for the moment outside France and outside the two major priests brotherhoods operating there and elsewhere in Europe… For example, if I had the skills (it’s not really complicated I understood but it take some time to be familiar with the technique) and time to do it, I would indicate the coordinates for Asia…

        I know someone who knows someone who’s a friend of the owner of the wikkimissa website (yes, “lol”), they told me that it can take 2 seconds, or even less. But Free (the host for this site) has first to acknowledge that this is not a pirate site or something like that (everyone could publish on this website really easily, it seemed odd for Free, which decided to close the website for security reasons). The owner is facing difficulties getting in touch with Free and telling them that no, this is not something illegal, it is just a collaborative website to provide information… The other issue is that it seems (I’m not sure I understood well) that the owner lost most of the informations concerning the schedules of the masses so that everything has to be done again…

        In Corde Iesu & Mariæ.

      • Thank you very much. This website will be helpful.

      • I could host it myself at https://isidore.co/wikimisa or something like that. All I need are all the back-end files (a database dump, the configuration files, images, etc.) of the wiki. Do you think you could urge your friend to tell Emmanuel to post those files publicly on http://www.wikkimissa.info/ or somewhere else? thanks

    • JustWantedToHelp says:

      I think it would be possible. Do not hesitate to post your request here (most french understand english): http://www.leforumcatholique.org/printFC.php?num=793531
      Maybe Emmanuel would reply to you directly! Otherwise, finding the guy who knows the guy might take quite a long time! ^^


  7. JustWantedToHelp says:

    You’re welcome!

  8. Olivier says:

    Be carrefull with phone Nb begining with +33.8.99.xxxxxx those ones are payable and not safe. Rgs Olivier – french 🙂

  9. JustWantedToHelp says:

    Deo gratias: Wikkimissa is back, with another name:

    In Christo,

    • It seems to be an outdated version of the original WikkiMissa site.

      • Sid Cundiff says:

        Go a state or coutnry, go the bottom of the site’s page, and see when the last entries were made. Entries began last May. Furthermore, you can begin to make new entries. I appears that instead of being an outdated version, we’ll all have to start for scratch. Encourage those who have TLM blogs to publicized the messamonde site, and perhaps in six month we’ll be up to speed.

  10. Despite the dates, my state’s info is more outdated than the cached version of Archive.org’s Wayback Machine. I’ve updated it. thanks

  11. Sid Cundiff says:

    Folks, ask those who whave blogs with a large audience of Traditionalists to publicize the MesseMonde website. http://messemonde.free.fr/Wikini/wakka.php?wiki=PagePrincipale

  12. https://wikkimissa.org is a new project maintained by someone different, but it looks to be a promising alternative to the now-defunct MesseMonde.

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