Looking for Android developer for Traditional Latin Mass Finder app

For anyone who has followed my blog for a while, you are probably aware that I have a Traditional Latin Mass Finder iOS app.  You can see its webpage HERE.

IPhone4 7 List Small  IPhone4 7 MassInfo Small

As I mentioned on my interview Nov 3, 2015, on Magnificat Media Radio, the TLM Finder is currently only available on the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad).

I developed the app for iOS, as I have been developing for that platform since 2009.

I am not an Android developer, but I would love to see the Masses listed on the Android platform as well.  So, if you are an Android developer, and would love to see the an app to find Traditional Latin Masses on the Android platform, I would be happy to share my data with you.

Note, I am looking to share my data to get it out there for Android, but not paying for the development.  The iOS app is something I do for free so that it is easier to find Latin Masses.  However, if you can make money off ads or something on the Android platform, then by all means do so 🙂  Though, back when I had ads on iOS, I just made enough for a bit of Mystic Monk Coffee.

I can show you where the data is located online.  It is easy to parse, and is updated frequently.  I would also be happy to share my iOS code with you, so that you wouldn’t have to develop the logic from scratch.

If there are any Android developers interested, please email me at leetaurapps@yahoo.com

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