News – Average Catholic working with Project SP5


In April, I mentioned a website called Project SP5 that was indexing Traditional Latin Masses across Europe.

Project SP5 was sorely needed after the Wikki Missa website was shut down.  Wikki Missa had listings of Latin Masses in over 50 countries.  Project SP 5 has a great list of Latin Masses across Europe.

I have been in contact with the owner of the Project SP5, and will be working with Project SP5 on Latin Mass data.  This work will help in two ways.  First, I am going to bring the over 700 Masses I have for the United States and Canada to Project SP5.  And second, Project SP5’s over 1000 European Latin Masses will be added to the Traditional Latin Mass Finder iOS app.

So both projects should benefit going forward!

I look forward to helping with the Project SP5 listings, and am grateful for work Project SP5 has in putting together a great list for Europe.

Teaser: Hopefully in another week or so, there should be another big announcement for Average Catholic 🙂

-Average Catholic

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