Project SP5 Updates

I have begun working on adding data to Project SP5 from the Traditional Latin Mass Finder app (TLM-Finder), and adding data to the TLM-Finder app from Project SP 5.  It took me a bit to figure out the differences in the databases.  It is a bit easier to add to Project SP5 from the TLM-Finder database, than to go in the other direction.

This is going to be a lot of work, but it is good work 🙂  

I have currently added several Latin Masses from my home state, Illinois, to the Project SP5 data, and I am kind of sprinkling data from different countries into the TLM-Finder database.  Eventually all data will be in both sources.

Project SP5 has a ton of data, well over 1,000 Traditional Latin Mass listings.  The owner of this effort has added everything, Diocesan, different religious communities, sedevacantists, etc.

I am going to add all the data to the TLM-Finder.  I trust the users of my app to know what they are looking for.  There are some that will only attend diocesan Masses, some who will only attend SSPX or FSSP Masses, etc.  They are all clearly marked in the app what type of Mass they are, and if I make any mistakes the users of the app correct me 🙂  (There have been a few).

This work will take a while, but the good news is that, for both the app and the website, no one has to wait for the work to be done.  Both resources are just going to keep getting better in the time ahead.

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