Android version of the Traditional Latin Mass Finder Coming!

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Average Catholic has big news for the Traditional Latin Mass Finder.  Back on June 4, I announced that Average Catholic would be working with Project SP5 to help populate SP5 with United States and Canadian data that I have for the TLM Finder, and to bring Project SP 5’s data to the TLM Finder.

I hope to get moving on the copying of data back and forth pretty quickly this weekend (the last couple of weeks have been busy!).  You should start seeing a lot of American Masses in SP5, and European Masses in TLM Finder.

Today I want to share news that is just as big.  An Android version of the Traditional Latin Mass Finder is now in development!

A good friend of mine, Nive, and I are working together to bring an Android version of the app to life.  She is an expert Android developer, and has great ideas for the app that are not currently included in the iOS version of the TLM Finder, and any improvements she comes up with on the Android side I plan to port back to the iOS code as well.  (It sounds like I will be busy.)

We do not have an exact date for completion of Android TLM Finder, but it will be this summer.  Also look for updates from the iOS version of the app.

I want to thank Nive for her help and expertise, and look forward to working with her 🙂

I will provide updates as soon as they are available.

-Average Catholic

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