TLM Finder Updates – Android development close to done, New iOS version coming

I shared this update in the Traditional Latin Mass Finder app (News page) earlier today – 

Note from app author – November 26, 2016

1. The Android version of the Traditional Latin Mass Finder is mostly done, and will be released soon. Thanks to Nive for building out the Android version of the app!

2. The iOS Version of the app has now been converted to Swift 3. I will be releasing this version to the App Store within the next week or so.

3. A new version of the iOS app will be released early next year. Keep an eye on Average Catholic, Leetaur Apps, or this news page for updates.


We are very close to releasing two versions of the Traditional Latin Mass Finder.  

I want to thank Nive on her hard work on the Android version of our app!  It is looking beautiful, and should be released soon.  The initial Android version looks and behaves similarly to the iOS version, though with the Android look-and-feel.

There will be an iOS update in the next week or so.  This update is my Swift 3.0 conversion, along with applying SSL communication when retrieving the Mass listings (Apple is requiring SSL for new apps and updates as of January 1), along with minor changes in the app and an updated information page (now referencing the Android version as well).

Sorry for delays on iOS updates.  It became very hard to develop iOS apps on my aging machine, a MacBook Air from 2010.  That machine has now been given to my 20-year old daughter for her college, and I invested in a 13-inch MacBook Pro, one of the ones Apple just released, with the new touch bar.  It is a very nice machine, and should last me for several years for programming and writing (I am working on a book, planning to be done by March).

With the new computer, I hope to start releasing new features in the iOS version of the app fairly quickly next year.  I will be cataloging ideas here in the next few weeks.  Some ideas are just fun, and some are useful.  I will be sharing details soon.  I also am going to be working on some other applications.  Those efforts will be announced on this site going forward as well.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with the Traditional Latin Mass Finder app – including Nive, Justin, my daughter Crysta, and everyone who emails me to give me new Masses starting, and those that have gone away.  Please know that I really appreciate it!

God bless,


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