Sacred Liturgy Conference



Taking place July 12-15, in Portland, Oregon.  From the website:


Join  Raymond  Leo  Cardinal  Burke,  Archbishop  Alexander  K.  Sample  and  Bishop  Robert  F.  Vasa  in Southern Oregon for a three-day  immersion  in  the  Church’s  sacred  liturgy  and  its  living  musical  heritage.   The  theme  of  the  5th  annual  conference  is  “The  Voice  of  the  Bridegroom”,  and  will  focus  on  sacred liturgy, Church history, and the role of Gregorian chant. 


The conference will include eight important and informative lectures, four sung liturgies, four catered meals and plenty of time for fellowship.  In addition to the eight lectures there will be five additional lectures on Sacred Liturgy offered at the same time as five workshops for those interested in learning how to chant. 


His  Eminence  Cardinal  Burke  will  give  a  lecture  and  celebrate  an  Extraordinary  Form  Solemn  Pontifical High  Mass  assisted  by  priests  of  the  Priestly  Fraternity  of  Saint  Peter.    Archbishop  Sample  will  give  a lecture  and  celebrate  a  Pontifical  Mass  in  the  Ordinary  Form.    Bishop  Vasa  will  give  a  lecture  and celebrate  a  Requiem  Mass  for  the  deceased  priests  of  the  Diocese.    Additional  faculty  will  include  Rev. Gerard  Saguto,  Rev.  Vincent  Kelber,  Rev.  Timothy  Furlow,  Dr.  Lynne  Bissonnette-Pitre,  Dr.  Francisco Romero,  Amelia  Volz  and  Nicholas  Lemme.    The  conference  is  organized  by  the  Director  of    Schola Cantus Angelorum  Dr. Lynne Bissonnette-Pitre,   MD,   PhD,   LGCHS   and hosted by Sacred   Heart Catholic Church  in Medford, Oregon.

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