Pray for those on the Santa Fe Pilgrimage, tonight July 28 and tomorrow July 29


The Santa Fe Pilgrimage is a 33-mile walk overnight in the heart of Kansas, to the 19-foot tall Padilla Cross. It is taking place tonight through tomorrow.  

Information about the pilgrimage is available HERE.

Please take a few moments out of your day to pray for those who are going to walk the Santa Fe Pilgrimage tonight.  It is a long walk, in often very hot weather (last year it was 105 degrees when we started out), but it is a very wonderful experience for the men who go on it.  The night is filled with prayer and penance, and it is great to be among dozens of men who share your faith, and gift their time and their endurance to Jesus Christ.

I went on the pilgrimage last year, and highly recommend it.  This year I need to stick closer to home, and we have a new daughter, Rachel, at home (she was born late last month).  But I do plan to go on this pilgrimage again in the future!


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