Updates going slow for TLM Finder

Updates to the Traditional Latin Mass Finder database are behind right now.  I hope to catch up quite a bit over the next week.  I want to thank everyone who provides updates!  With over a thousand churches listed in the app (and I will be adding more), there will always be some information that is out of date.  One of my primary sources of information are those who email me when the schedule changes for their church :). I do try to go to church websites (and websites for Latin Mass associations – any sources I can find), but there are a ton out there to track!

I am also trying to keep up with the Mass readings in the ‘news’ section of the app, and here on Average Catholic.

However I may miss some of the Mass readings, as I am doing some traveling, and that may keep up for the next month or so.  There may be news related to that in the near future.  All good things, but it keeps me busy.

Again, I very much appreciate the updates everyone sends in!  I apologize for when the changes are slow.  But hopefully the activity dies down going forward, and I will be able to put more time into maintaining the data for the app.

God bless,

Average Catholic

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2 Responses to Updates going slow for TLM Finder

  1. williadm says:

    All saints in Flint, MI has been closed, and TLM now is located as follows:

    Tridentine Latin Mass Community of Flint
    St. Matthew Catholic Church
    706 Beach Street
    Flint, MI 48502
    (810) 232-4148

    Mass is offered every Sunday at 3:00 PM, with confessions and the rosary at 2:30 p.m. and Holy Days and special feasts as announced.


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