Updates from Average Catholic – Blog, TLM Finder, general thoughts

This blog has not been real active lately. This is mainly due to a lack of time on my part.

I am hoping to make this blog more active again. I am doing a lot to try to free up additional time. One thing to that affect is deleting social media accounts – FaceBook, Instagram, etc. Those, to me at least, are time wasters, and create a lot of unnecessary “noise” in my life. I am also not real fond of the social media companies themselves. And I have ways to keep in touch with the people I care about on these platforms.

Another thing to do to free up time is trying to control email better. Somehow I seem to have collected a number of email accounts over the years. I am cleaning those up, redirecting my email to just one account, and slowly deleting the others. I am also not real fond of how two of the main email providers (yahoo and gmail) scan your emails, in order to provide you ads. I understand they need to make money, but emails should be private, to the greatest extent possible. (protonmail is a good, private provider).

Traditional Latin Mass Finder – I am behind on updates again, but those are on my radar. Hopefully this coming weekend I should be able to catch up some. I am looking to, in the future, create a web app to replace the Android and iOS apps, probably using Python. That is still in the works though. Using a web app would make the TLM Finder fully cross plaform, not just usable from phones, but from all desktops as well. I am also interested in the Librem 5 phone (coming out soon), which runs neither iOS or Android, but a version of GNU/Linux called PureOS.

I hope to finish that in the next few months.

Plans for this blog – I originally saw this blog as a way to just share my thoughts on the Catholic faith, and the news in the Catholic world (there is a lot of it). I hope to re-orient the blog in that direction. Also, as a computer programmer, I am very into technology, and I hope to share a lot more information on that as well.

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