This blog is run by a traditional Catholic layman. I am not a priest, bishop, or theologian, but rather just “An Average Catholic”. I have a great love for the Catholic Faith, and especially the traditional forms of Catholic worship – the Traditional Latin Mass, Gregorian Chant, Etc.

This blog will discuss the Catholic Faith, Catholic news, and secular news from a Catholic perspective.

Happy reading, and God bless.


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  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ! You make me feel not so alone out here! Its hard walking against the crowd following the World and even watching the Church join the World Thank you again!!!!

    • I know what you mean about feeling alone. It feels strange when I have to defend Catholic teachings to fellow Catholics, about marriage or Confession or a whole host of issues. It often feels there is more opposition to the Church from within, as from without.

      Thank you for reading my blog. One thing the internet does is help traditional Catholics to connect with one another.

      God Bless you

  2. Julie Powell says:

    Hello Missy, Julie here from Australia.
    Would like very much to chat about the chapel veil as I have a huge problem and believe it or not, it’s our priest. I have been wearing a veil and my prayer life has deepened immensely. I showed the YouTube clip ‘The Chapel Veil’ to my prayer group and we were making them for a donation with proceeds to charity. I asked for our parish priests support and blessing to promote the veil further with the fund raising concept which he won’t or can’t give because he feels that the veil shuts a person out from the body of Christ at Mass – a one on one with Jesus and not part of the congregation. He believes it ok to wear at adoration or private prayer but will not support it. I can’t tell you how sad I am. I have worn a wide head band to the last two masses but it is just not the same. Our priest has said that he can’t and won’t stop me wearing one but I am trying to respect his authority but at the same time I need/want to show humility to Jesus plus my soul feels beautiful under the veil. I have written a two page letter to him which goes into my research on veiling but in his business I don’t think he has read it. I am praying about it but have you or the girls any advice?
    God bless you

    • Hi Julie :).

      I’m Martin (aka Average Catholic), not Missy (not sure who she is), but I’ll try to answer as best I can.

      Wearing a head-covering during Holy Mass is something from Sacred Scripture. Tracy (Vox) at fisheaters.com put together good information on veiling, here -> http://www.fisheaters.com/theveil.html

      My advice is, if you want to wear a veil, go ahead and wear it! It is not shutting yourself off from other parishioners, it is showing respect to God. A lot of women in Novus Ordo Masses in the area where I live wear veils to church (and most in the Latin Mass close to me do as well). In everything we do, by following the traditions of the Church, while at the same time having a holy joy in our lives (we are Catholic after all, we should be joyful!) we help to evangelize others, even without explicitly preaching. Our happy lives are our evangelization. This is the case with showing the joy of homeschooling too 🙂

      You may change the heart of your priest as well, through the joy you exhibit while showing your respect to our Lord through veiling. There are a lot of people, including priests, who think that anything “old” is bad, and needs to be replaced. I know one priest that had this bias, and didn’t understand my love of the Traditional Latin Mass, or homeschooling for that matter. I didn’t argue with him on anything, but through my joy of homeschooling my children, he has completely changed his mind on that. And he now “gets it” on why I love the Latin Mass. He has even read several “Latin Mass Magazines” that I gave him!

      A small part of what is on Fisheaters –
      And who is veiled? Who is the All Holy, the Ark of the New Covenant, the Vessel of the True Life? Our Lady — and by wearing the veil, we imitate her and affirm ourselves as women, as vessels of life.

      This one superficially small act is:

      so rich with symbolism: of submission to authority; of surrender to God; of the imitation of Our Lady as a woman who uttered her “fiat!”; of covering our glory for His glory; of modesty; of chastity, of our being vessels of life like the Chalice, the Ciborium and, most especially, Our Lady;

      an Apostolic ordinance — with roots deep in the Old Testament — and, therefore, a matter of intrinsic Tradition;

      the way Catholic women have worshipped for two millennia (i.e., even if it weren’t a matter of Sacred Tradition in the intrinsic sense, it is, at the least, a matter of ecclesiastical tradition, which also must be upheld). It is our heritage, a part of Catholic culture;
      pragmatic: it leaves one free to worry less about “bad hair days”;

      and for the rebels out there, it is counter-cultural nowadays, you must admit!

      The question I’d like answered is, “Why would any Catholic woman not want to veil herself?”

  3. Debbie says:

    Im sad that this is not current. Hope all is well God Bless

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