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Mic’d Up “The Principle: Is Earth Really the Center of the Universe?”

From, in this episode of Mic’d Up, Michael Voris interviews¬†Robert Sungenis and Rick DeLano about the upcoming documentary The Principle. ¬†Sungenis and DeLano do bring up some interesting questions about the prevailing theory of Heliocentrism, such as Dark Matter … Continue reading

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The Principle of the Universe

In the following Vortex, Michael Voris discusses an upcoming film called “The Principle” (website HERE), which discusses the relationship between science and religion. Also, in this Wednesday’s Mic’d Up (January 8), Michael Voris will be discussing The Principle with the … Continue reading

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Galileo – Making the Case for Faith and Science

An interesting Catholic Investigative Agency program, with host Michael Voris. It discusses the controversy of Galileo’s ideas of helio-centrism, and how the theory at the time could not be proved.

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E !=mc2

Interesting article on modern scientific experiments, and how the speed of light being broken disproves many current theories (especially Relativity). It also has many implications that, including casting new light on heliocentrism versus geocentism, and the M & M experiment. … Continue reading

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