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Remnant TV: Terror in Paris: From Christ the King to the Police State

Below is an episode from Remnant TV, where Michael Matt discusses the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, and the causes of the attack.  He talks about something that is very important, that once a society turns away from Jesus Christ, … Continue reading

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A catechetical response to same-sex marriage

From Our Sunday Visitor, the following article written by John Cavadini gives a good argument against homosexual “marriage”. A catechetical response to same-sex marriage. From my experience, when it come to homosexual marriage, most people do not think very deeply. … Continue reading

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Why The NWO Hates Syria

This past fall, the United States and several other countries were getting ready to attack Syria, for the use of chemical weapons in the suburbs of Damascus.  The United States and other governments were outmaneuvered politically by Russia, showing the political … Continue reading

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Woman with family in Syria confronts John McCain

Below is a woman who had a relative killed by the Syrian rebels. She has family in Syria. She confronts Senator John McCain in a town hall meeting, pleading with him to not support an attack on Syria. I fully … Continue reading

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I blogged on August 31 (Saturday) about a Remnant Forum episode, called Strange Bed-Fellows – Neo-Catholics & the Far Left. One of the things mentioned in the episode, was that had been raided by the Austrian police. I had … Continue reading

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An American Bishop switches political parties

From Father Z’s site: An American Bishop switches political parties | Fr. Zs Blog. I am not that interested in the fact that Bishop Tobin switched his party registration from Democrat to Republican. I don’t really like either political party. … Continue reading

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The Great Destroyer of Families

In the following Vortex, Michael Voris refers to President Obama as the great destroyer of families. There are several good points made in this Vortex.  One, Obama does attack the family through his support for same sex “marriage”.  Defining a … Continue reading

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