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Fish Eaters – Introduction Video

This is something I put together a couple of years ago, during a night when I could not sleep. I was recently talking to a friend of mine about it, so thought I would post it again. Disclaimer – This … Continue reading

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St. Mary’s Rosary Procession 2015. Also my thoughts on making a difference in life

I just found this Rosary procession at Saint Mary’s, Kansas.  It happened a few weeks ago, as a call to prayer and sacrifice during the Synod on the Family. I found it very inspirational.  It has me thinking about people, … Continue reading

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The Necessary Means of Salvation

I’ve had a lot of questions in the past on the doctrine – “Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus”- Outside the Church there is no salvation.  Recently, over at Fisheaters, Vox Clamantis posted on this, quoting from the Catholic Encyclopedia (search for … Continue reading

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Fisheaters on “Forward Boldly” Radio Show

Tracy Tucciarone, the owner of Fisheaters.com (known as Vox Clamantis on the site), was interviewed by Christine Niles on the “Forward Boldly” radio show.  The interview is HERE.  Tracy discusses why she started Fish Eaters, and what information can be found … Continue reading

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Fish Eaters Intro

This is a video I put together, a sample “Intro” for a Fish Eaters “TV show” (I’m hoping anyway!).  I posted a link to the video here in the Fish Eaters forum. Note this was on my own initiative, not … Continue reading

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Pope’s Comments – Fisheaters Discussion

In my last post, HERE, I gave my opinions on the Holy Father’s remarks to the paper La Civilta Cattolica, concerning abortion, contraception, and gay marriage. The Catholic Fisheaters Forum (HERE) is always an interesting place to visit :).  The … Continue reading

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Attacking the Pope

Below is a Vortex on the attacks taking place, both against Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and against Pope Francis. For the attacks against Benedict XVI, Michael Voris talks about the contrasts the media is drawing between Pope Francis and Benedict … Continue reading

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