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Homeschooling – God’s Will in Your Life

My wife and I really enjoy teaching our children.  And I think, most of the time, our children enjoy it too.  Though, I think all students get nervous when they hear the word “Saxon” 🙂   But while we enjoy … Continue reading

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Messy Mondays: Seven Lies about Homeschoolers

My wife and I have been planning our upcoming homeschooling year.  It is going to be busy, and fun, as we are now teaching five of our children at the same time, plus two we are pre-schooling.  We also have … Continue reading

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Home School Heartbeat – Teaching Math: An Interview with Fred Worth

Home School Heartbeat has a good episode on teaching math within a homeschool.  Math professor Fred Worth talks about some of the fundamentals in teaching mathematics. You can listen to it HERE.  

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Homeschooling: The Pro-Family Counterrevolution

It in below video, Michael Matt discusses homeschooling, its advantages and some of the common myths concerning it. I like how the video opens, showing scenes of the movie produced by homeschoolers – Beyond the Mask.  For anyone who hasn’t … Continue reading

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Homeschooling – Christ and the Americas

For the Catholic homeschooled high school student, I highly recommend “Christ and the Americas” for an American history text.  It is written by Dr. Anne W. Carroll, founder Seton Junior and Senior High School in Manassas, Virginia.  She has also … Continue reading

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Remember the Blessings

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has a weekly video series, featuring stories about homeschooling – the reason people homeschool, why they got into homeschooling, etc. The following episode is Episode 1 – Remember the Blessings. HSLDA is up … Continue reading

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You Might Be A Homeschooler If 3

From Blimey Cow (something on YouTube that my teenage daughter found 🙂 ), comes “You Might Be a Homeschooler If 3”. Again, a lot of the “You might be a homeschooler if…” statements are strangely accurate :p    

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