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The Slaughter of the Young, and How Pro-Life Are You?

The following Vortex, from last Friday (January 24) discusses that even Catholics, including young Catholics, that are Pro-Life can fall into the trap of accepting the evils of contraception and pro-homosexual relationships. At the end of the Vortex segment was … Continue reading

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Democrat Commiteewoman Resigns from Party, Cites Her Catholic Faith |Blogs | NCRegister.com

Every now and then you find a politician with actual principles.  It sounds like Jo Ann Nardelli one of those politicians.  She refused to join her party in attacking the institution of marriage, and instead resigned from the Democratic Party. … Continue reading

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WORLDmag.com | Experts needed | Mindy Belz | Jun 02, 12

A good story from World Magazine about traditional marriage.  Our culture is in huge trouble the way it is going. WORLDmag.com | Experts needed | Mindy Belz | Jun 02, 12.

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