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Archbishop Lefebvre and Religious Liberty

Author’s Note:  Some of this is a repeat of what I have said in the past.  I am including new material at the top and bottom though, so please read the whole post 🙂 After returning to church over a … Continue reading

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Gloria Purvis on the HHS Mandate

Below is a video of Goria Purvis on the HHS Mandate, on how it is anti-woman, and on how contraception hurts women.  She makes a lot of interesting points.

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Bp. Jenky (D. Peoria) unloads about “Judas” Catholics and Pres. Obama | Fr. Z’s Blog – What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Below is Father Z’s take on Bishop Jenky’s (my bishop) homily for the Catholic Men’s March (I was there, along with two of my boys) this past Saturday. Bishop Jenky does not pull his punches.  Father Z’s story also contains … Continue reading

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Why EWTN Won’t Cover Contraception – NYTimes.com

Michael Warsaw’s op-ed article in the New York Times on why EWTN won’t cover contraception. Why EWTN Won’t Cover Contraception – NYTimes.com.

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The HHS Contraception Mandate vs. the Religious Freedom Restoration Act—Introduction – By Ed Whelan – Bench Memos – National Review Online

Pray for this stupid mandate that blatantly violates religious freedom, and helps to establish the Culture of Death further in our culture, to be overturn. Also write your senators, congressmen, and the president to oppose this mandate. That said, I … Continue reading

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Bishop Bernard Fellay on Ecumenism

Below is a video of Bishop Fellay discussing religious freedom, ecumenism, and the true faith. This is a very concise explanation that the one true faith is the Catholic faith, and the only one that will get us to heaven.

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