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Remnant TV: Terror in Paris: From Christ the King to the Police State

Below is an episode from Remnant TV, where Michael Matt discusses the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, and the causes of the attack.  He talks about something that is very important, that once a society turns away from Jesus Christ, … Continue reading

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Homeschooling: The Pro-Family Counterrevolution

It in below video, Michael Matt discusses homeschooling, its advantages and some of the common myths concerning it. I like how the video opens, showing scenes of the movie produced by homeschoolers – Beyond the Mask.  For anyone who hasn’t … Continue reading

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Remnant TV: SSPXophobia: From Voris to Mirus to…Hillary Clinton?

This episode of the Remnant Forum, from Remnant TV does a good job analyzing the status of the Society of Saint Pius X in Argentina, in the wake of Argentina’s recognition of the SSPX as Catholic, at the behest of Mario … Continue reading

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The Remnant Forum — SSPX: Public Enemy No. 1

A little background to this Remnant Forum.  Bishop Marcello Semeraro of the diocese of Albano, who is also a member of the “Group of 8 Cardinals” that advices Pope Francis (he is the secretary of the group), has issued a note declaring … Continue reading

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Pope in Overdrive, Vatican in Turmoil, SSPX in Schism?

Below is a “Remnant Forum” for the Remnant Newspaper, with Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara.  This is a more critical look at Pope Francis, some of his “off the cuff” remarks, and how the seems to be confusion between his … Continue reading

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Gloria.tv offices raided

I blogged on August 31 (Saturday) about a Remnant Forum episode, called Strange Bed-Fellows – Neo-Catholics & the Far Left. One of the things mentioned in the episode, was that Gloria.tv had been raided by the Austrian police. I had … Continue reading

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Strange Bed-Fellows – Neo-Catholics & the Far Left

Below is an episode of Remnant Forum, from the publishers of the Remnant Newspaper (it is a good paper, by the way 🙂 ).  This one is long, about half an hour.  One thing mentioned in this episode (somewhat unrelated … Continue reading

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